Orthopedics & Joint Replacement

Disabilities & deformities are to be treated at the right time and right stage. We care to cure any ailments affecting bones & muscles.

Trauma & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Abhishek Reddy

Pediatric Orthopedics

Numerous disorders of the musculoskeletal system,if not detected early, often cause permanentdisability to the affected children and in some caseseven prove fatal. The results are best when caretakers are involved in the treatment processright from the beginning in this regard, we focus on educating them regarding the optimal care.

Commonly treated conditions managed :

  • Deformities of Limbs
  • Difficulty in Walking
  • Neurological Problems like Cerebral Palsy
  • Spinal curvature problems like Scoliosis and KyphosisInfections of Bone and Joints
  • Pediatric Fractures and
  • Dislocations

Trauma and Accident Surgery

Fracture treatment has evolved over time withrespect to the technique and the implant used.respect to the technique and the implant used.Management of Simple and Complex fracturesincluding polytrauma, is a real challenge. Some conditions have to be managed urgently and hencewe have round the clock emergency servicesavailable. Care & Cure aspires to be the ultimate referral Centre for Trauma of all severities for the entire state andbeyond.

Common conditions managed :

  • Long Bone Fractures
  • Articular Fractures
  • Pelvic Acetabular Trauma
  • Joint Dislocations

Joint Replacement

The most common joints to be affected byarthritis are the Hipand knee. Joint pain,coupled with deformity, makes it difficult to walk. Earlier this was mostly seen in the elderlyage group, but due to altered lifestyles, thetrend is shifting slightly towards the middleaged group as well. In cases of severe joint painthat cannot be controlled by medications andphysiotherapy, joint replacement offers thesolution. The procedure involves replacementof the damaged and dysfunctional joint with artificial material called Prosthesis. This surgeryoffers significant pain relief and functionalimprovement. At Care & Cure Simple &
ComplexKnee & Hip Joint Replacements are routinelyperformed for arthritis, arising due to variousconditions.

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