Health Packages

Health is not something we can buy. Make it an investment rather than an expense through our economical health packages.

Master Health Check-up

We provide Master Health Checkups and based on results we offer Family Physician Consultation, Dietician advice, Physiotherapy recommendations, Gym trainer trainings, Swimming Pool Facility, Steam bath,Sauna & Jet – Shower Services,Obesity,Diabetes, Yoga and Meditation therapy to provide best possible(Physical, Social and Mental wellness) Preventive Health Care Service(One and only kind in Anantapur). We aim to uplift all aspects of well-being, focusing on your Social, Mental and Physical Health. Our premier service
staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure helps to closely monitor your progress with regular medical check-ups and
consultations with our physicians & dietitians.



Screening (RFT)

Screening (LFT)

Diabetes Screening (RBS, HBA1C)

Cardiac Screening (Lipid Profile)

Serum Electrolytes (Na, K+, CI, Ca+)

Complete Blood Picture (CBP)

Dietician Consultation

X-Ray Chest (P.A View)

Physician Consultation

Complete Urine Examination



Thyroid Profile

Cardiology Packages

Satisfied Patients

Met an accident got ankle injury and head collision. With the support of doctors and staff I recovered within 24 hours. Every thing is perfect and services are excellent. Nothing to worry about treatment you will get high sofisticated treatment. Excellent treatment and hospitality . If you are not constraint with ehs go for this hospital. Support staff and treatment is excellent. Guidance and caring of doctors will provide boost for patients. Totally best in class hospital in small city ANANTAPUR. Go for it without any doubt if you need best hospitality. Thanks for the management , doctors and supporting staff. Just go for it. All the best.

M.Ramakrishna Reddy

Best in class hospital for maternity in Anantapur City. Doctor Vasudha Devi Gynaecologist she is simply the best doctor i have ever come across, we went to her during my wife pregnancy. She is calm , composed, listens to the patient, and her diagnosis is Spot-on. A to Z they will provide clear bills both cash and card payments accepted. Great team in place with help starting from the reception to management and Health Insurance Raghavendra & Ramana done easy process. Nurse i think Padmavathi night duty she cared my baby like a mother whole night please appreciate her for excellence cared. Suggestions: 1. Introduce packages for Delivery. 2. Baby Cradles for deliveries.

Rajesh K

Have consulted Dr.Kathyayani for cardiology she treated very carefully and gave best treatment. Hospital also very class and clean and g best service.


We are very thankful to your hospitality of staff and the service provided by the management. We are overwhelmed to have such service and proud to have this hospital in Anantapur Thanks to one and all...

Jagadeesh chanda

After having moved out of Anantapur some 20years ago, visited the hospital with great skepticism in terms of their protocols, cleanliness etc. Went for OPD visit and came away very impressed. Dr. Mahesh is one of the best that I have visited in a long time. He spends time with patients and is very thorough in asking for symptoms and takes great care in arriving at a diagnosis. I just hope the corporate hospital syndrome prevalent in Blr/Hyd, won't affect him or management and push doctors towards 5min per patient kind-of-care. Very impressive! Dr. Mahesh and Management: Kudos and keep it up.


Never thought we would have medical treatment like here in Anantapur. starting with treatment and the way they handle the patient detailed reports and feedback policies are extremely good. Also Doctors and surgeons here are very well educated and had good experience in their fields. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend others to visit this place.


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